Fishing Frenzy in a Farm Pond

I was fishing March fifth, my sister’s birthday. I was at a friend’s farm pond.

To start out, fishing was slow. I tried everything in my tackle box, but they were refusing to bite. So eventually I threw a deep water crankbait. Then when the weather warmed up to 75 degrees, the fish started biting.

After a while, my rod bent all the way over. I was sure this thing was five pounds, but he could be acting bigger than he is. After thirty seconds of fighting the fish, I got him up on shore. I weighed him, and he was a two pounder. I was surprised! I was sure that thing was five pounds, but I am not complaining. That is the biggest largemouth bass that I have ever caught.

Then I caught six more, but none of them were the size of the first one. It was a great day for fishing and I caught six more than my dad. I can’t wait to go back again soon!

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