Fishing at Butler Park

General Butler State Resort Park, Carroll County, KY

Best Time to Fish: The best time to fish is from late February to August. That is when the bluegill, the crappie, the bass, and the catfish are biting.

Best Places to Fish:

The key places to fish at Butler are the boat dock, the dam, the campground. The dam is a good place to catfish.

Catfish are tricky. In fact, I have never caught one. But I know a lot about them. For starters if you want to catch one, it is best to fish at night. The catfish come to the shallows to feed on dead fish. You also want to fish in the summertime for them. The bait you use for catfish is a lot of different things, like night crawlers, crawfish, chicken livers, and more. You also want to use twenty-pound test for catfishing. Otherwise, they could break your line.

The first fish of the year at Butler was a crappie which I caught using a crappie jig with a bobber set at about a foot and a half deep. The fish was caught February 2022.

With spring around the corner, I hope to see you at Butler!

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