Choose the Right Bait for You

Using the right bait helps you catch more fish. Keep reading to learn which baits are best for different fish!

Topwater Baits

Topwater baits are used for bass. They should be used in fall. The bass love them, and it is fun to see them explode on the top of the water. These lures might include frogs and mice.

Topwater baits

Crank Baits

Crank baits are my favorite type of bait they are so easy to use. There are many different crankbaits. They are used to catch bass crappie and even catfish. Here is how you use a crank bait. You cast it out reel it back in over and over until you catch something.

Crank baits

Spinner Baits

Spinner baits are used for bass fishing and crappie fishing. They have a little blade on them that vibrates when you reel them. The vibrating attracts attention. The fish will get curious and bite the bait. If you do get a bite, it is most likely a largemouth bass.

Spinner baits

Now I hope you catch some good bass on these baits, so good luck and good fishing!

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