The Invasive Species of Kentucky

The invasive species of Kentucky cause trouble for other fish, mussels , and aquatic plants. These three species — Asian Carp, Zebra mussels, and Hydrilla — are taking over.

The first invasive species is the Asian Carp. There are three species: Bighead, Silver and Grass. One couple can produce over 1,000,000 eggs! Silver carp can even jump. They are overpopulated.

The second invasive species is the Zebra mussel. These mussels can attach themselves to solid objects. They destroy freshwater mussels. They are long with a zebra like pattern.

The third invasive species is Hydrilla. The Hydrilla chokes down fish and overpopulates. It is a plant and is hard to fish and boat in.

All three species live in the Ohio River. They all cause trouble for other fish and plants. They were all brought by humans. I hope you have enjoyed this information. To learn more, contact the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife.

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